Tried their pizzas when they first opened at boat quay, didnt think the pizzas tasted like napolitan pizzas then.. wrong crust, generic tomato sauce … etc

Went to the new branch at ICON village … Now they have changed.. the pizzas crust is more like a napolitan pizza now.. soft, light and has a smoky accent to it..
the tomato sauce doesnt taste like ur usual supermarket generic sauce now…
went for the 1 for 1… from 230pm to 530pm
Good deal… just get the diavola for meat toppings…

Address: 12 Gopeng Street Icon Village, #01-78-81


I shall rank them in my preference..


1.  Hidemi Sugino ( I can tell you, this is going to be the best place on earth for cakes.. many pastry cooks and professionals overseas  tend to agree too) .  I remembered there was once i saw a lady enjoying her cakes and  her expression  was like a conductor enjoying a piece of Chopin music  performed in an orchestra.. AND IM NOT REALLY A CAKE PERSON? CAN U BELIVE IT?

2.  Napule ( Best pizza nothing like i have ever eaten before..)

3.  La Bettola Da Ochiai ( Coz im biased towards the waitress,hehe, the italian food here is not too bad)

4.  Ryugin ( Must go for those who are new to Tokyo’s dining scene )

5.  Toraya (  You can only find good WAGASHI in japan, and Toraya is the place 🙂  )

6.  Sushi Saito/Mizutani ( Tied for the moment, i didnt quite enjoy the atomosphere at Mizutani thou,  wasnt really convinced that the fishes was  THAT OMFG good, shall try again)

Places that are good enough to try

7.  Usagiya Dorayaki ( best dorayaki, but they only have 3 main hits, the dorayaki, the monaka and their manju)

8.  Pierre Herme ( Ok, their ispahan is quite OK, u can still taste what it is suppose to taste like the lycee, rose and everything, and not just sugar, vanilla macaron was quite good, so i suppose their patisseries are quite ok..)

9.   Firehouse Burger ( good burgers, but a tad out of place..the beef doesnt really taste deliciously beefy, but still beefy)

10.  Aroma Fresca ( For those who wan to know what japanese italian tastes like.. Overall all the dishes did not seem to dissapoint very much, and the portions are just nice)

11.  Quintessense? ( Abit more misses than Hits, eating here is like placing a bet, saving grace was the FISH, was ultimately was the best main course i ever had in japan.)

12.  Kondo Tempura ( The vegetables are really great, but im not really a tempura person..)

Places that do not warrant any more visits from me, unless i happen to passby and dun mind grabbing a thing or two. ( NOT IN order)

13. Sadaharu Aoki ( his degustation tastes too much of sugar and nothing else, almost Canele standards, his macarons are well quite good, but i didnt quite like his CHOCORON( macaron encased inside chocolate)

14.   Obana ( Maybe i do not eat unagi that often to tell a difference between a HIGH Grade unagi and a low grade one.  , the pickles and rice was quite good)

15.   Ponta Honke ( the tonkatsu was a tad thick for my tastes, also couldnt tell a great difference between this and Tonkichi, thou the corokke was very good, and rice as well..)

16.  Hirugao Ramen ( I can get my ramen fix at Menya Shinchan)

16.  Jean Paul Hevin ( His cakes are VERY CHOCOLATE based, and are all quite heavy, do not like them, maybe i chose the wrong ones? )

On my Radar after another round of detailed research

1.   Kyoaji ( Apparently rejected michelin 3 star grading, and No 1 in tabelog for their category, given the fact that Ryugin now tries to do more traditional stuff, i would have chosen kyoaji instead of ryugin when i was there the last time if i had known..)

2.   Aronia De Takazawa ( Reports of very good meal here, coupled with the fact that the place only serves limited diners daily and the chef wife gives her personal service to diners)

3.    A tes souhaits ( Was suppose to go here during my last trip, but due to wrong get off at another station, i just headed to my next destination then, shall try their cakes and crossaints and galette)

4.   L’osier ( How does it compare to Quintessense, still not very convinced in French Food..)


6.  Ristorante Aso ( Searching for a darn good italian place )

7.  Hirosaku ( Reports of good soba?)

8.  Toshi Yoroizuka ( only managed to get their financiers etc last time round, didnt have time for their desserts and cakes)

9.  Sukiyabashi Jiro ( Mentor to Mizutani, only drawback is i heard that the service is in da pits, which am still thinking if i should visit this place at all.)

10.  Ristorante Honda( very cheap prices for a 1 star michelin italian… shall see)

Here are some stuff that i bought in tokyo..

Henri Le Roux Caramels,  Oriol Balaguer -My Obession  ,  Toshi Yoroizuka Madelines and Financiers,  La Maison Du Chocolat Champagne Truffles and his Assortment, Pierre Marcolini Choc Marshmallows and Assortment,  Salon Du Chocolat Assortment,  Toraya’s Yokan and  Baum Kuchen from Nenrinya( Queues outside the Ginza branch) ,

First had a Degustation at Sadaharu Aoki..   just so-so, taste heavily of sugar…. since i already sold my soul to Hidemi Sugino cakes…

Returned to La Bettola da Ochiai again…

Appetizer – Grilled Anago ( huge portions, could easily pass of as a main)

Pasta – Spaghetti al Bottarga ( got this since they ran out of the other one, which had crabmeat and stuff)

Main – Grilled pork with balsamico sauce

Dessert – Custard Pudding ( Flan)

Not bad, but i couldnt finish the pudding, too much food… also should have tried their lamb chops instead…looks better than my grilled pork!.. also my fav waitress gave me their restaurant stickers…  nice memories..

looking forward to my next trip there again! BEST PLACE TO EAT ON EARTH..

Was expecting my last michelin dinner to be quite molecular, since i heard much about Seiji Yamamoto..2 stars michelin for this place. Service is ok.

Overall, all the dishes were very good.. no bad or normal dishes.. but all were more towards the traditional cooking side..  I will describe some dishes..

– Amuse bouche, Karasumi + Daikon &  Ankimo + Potato (1st pic) ( Best amuse in tokyo )

– Uni chawanmushi ( Best chawanmushi ever tasted)

– Sashimi Course ( Quite good, most of the sauces matches quite well with the sushi, also i think the squid was better than the rest i had at both sushi mizutani and saito.. )

– Wasanbon Icecream with some ancient curlded milk + matcha dusting. ( very good, im not really a fan of icecreams.. but this was good, tasted better than Henri LeRoux caramel icecream & Quintessense Salt water meringue ice cream.. )

– Sakura Ebi Gohan (  Comfort food and satisfying )

– Fish course ( Toasted rice on top of fish with silkscreened fish picture which is actually a sauce( abit weak in flavour) , Quintessense fish was better..

– Roasted Pigeon, overall was good, had apple and a pigeon hamburg.. , but didnt like the black truffle with mashed soybeans remainant..( taste abit like toilet leh)

Started my day by visiting akihabara to get to some IDORU event..Hehehe.. those kinda events that danny choo attends..

Walked to Hongo Sanchome to Firehouse to taste their Apple Burger..

geeky not bad looking waitress in the background serving the orders..

The apple burger is not bad, but the beef still lacks the really beefy taste.. but overall a good burger, american style.. clean and fresh!

Then proceeded to Ueno by foot, passing by University of Tokyo while walking there.. Hunted my next target which was Usagiya.. Asked for 1 dorayaki, shop attendant was suprised that i only asked for one..

I was a little bit underwhelmed on the first bite, but soon i discovered the subtleties in this dorayaki when i started to think abt other dorayaki i had before.. This dorayaki was indeed different, the filling(tsubu-an, non filtered red bean paste) and the cake(kasutera) binds together like one entity, a complete being instead of 2 seperate entities which is common in non artisanal dorayakis… So to say i began to like this very much and went back to the shop 5mins later if they had any more to offer.  Realised all the dorayakis were sold out! %#@! ..

So i got the Monaka..

Very good too… crisp light soft wafer with koshian(filtered red bean paste) ..I duno why japanese red bean tastes so nice, i dont really like those chinese red bean soup or dau sar pia… I think its because japanese use much more sugar than the chinese…

Had dinner at Ponta Honke, quite a famous tonkatsu restaurant. They fry their tonkatsu in pork lard in low temperatures.

Overall, quite a decent but not a life changing tonkatsu to me..Also quite expensive for tonkatsu (3000+ yen), their korokke is quite good thou.. very soft potatoes…

Some nice patisseries from Pierre Herme.. had some macarons and the famed Ispahan..

their macarons are fresh, still chewy in the insides, with generous amount of cream… but abit ex around 230-250yen per pop…